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K Food Holdings (K Group Holdings)
K Food Holdings (K Group Holdings)
101 - 200 employees | | Website

Incorporated on 18th October 2014, K Group Holdings is set to be the next leading name in the food and beverage scene across the Asia Pacific.

We started with the franchising of various Korean brands and have now expanded into creating our brand concepts, dining experiences through authentic flavour, exciting menu choices, fresh ingredients and dedicated partners.

K Group’s journey to the forefront of casual restaurant franchising is built on several integral principles:

  • Be uncompromising on food quality. Our sauces, ingredients and service standards are sourced and inspired by only the best in the industry.
  • Our dining concepts always instil the concept of excitement. We want our customers to have fun, interact and enjoy food as both a gastronomical and delightful experience.


Corporate Values:

To become a leading restaurant operator in Singapore and to extend our network to other Southeast Asian countries.