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Intercorp Solutions Pte Ltd
Intercorp Solutions Pte Ltd

Intercorp Solutions Pte Ltd is a wholly-owned Singapore
company incorporated in 1996. Since incorporation, Intercorp Solutions has been
actively involved in providing I.T. solutions to many of its satisfied clients.
In 2002, Intercorp Solutions opened a new chapter in its history when it
embarked on the development of a new suite of solutions for the construction
industry. Leveraging on biometric technologies, Intercorp Solutions has
successfully assisted many of its clients in the construction industry to
automate their attendance-taking process. The system underwent a 3-year
stringent test at construction sites which is believed to be the harshest

Intercorp Solutions’ commitment to continuous product
innovation and enhancement over the years, saw the successful launch of a suite
of quality solutions to fulfill the requirements of various industries. To
date, Intercorp Solutions has successfully implemented its solutions for the
construction, manufacturing, education, retail and hospitality industries.
What's more, Intercorp Solutions has also successfully implemented a
vehicle-mount biometric system and a wireless biometric system (Wi-Fi) for
attendance management.

Subsequently, with the success of our biometrics division,
Intercorp Solutions move on to diversify into areas of security and surveillance
as well as online website design and management suite of solutions.