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Initium Genesis
Initium Genesis

Initium is the first in the market "open architecture" financial services firm.

With close to 60 partners, which includes fund houses, retail and private banks, insurers, investment platforms, we make a point to build a close relationship with each of them, ensuring our clients a solution to every need.

Backed by Manulife Singapore, a leading Canadian-based financial services group with principal operations in Asia, Canada and the United States, we are well placed in a position to offer distinctive advantages with the flexibility of a Financial Advisory firm, as well as the strong governance and financial backing of an international financial services group.

While we are nimble, bold and astute, we know these are not the only reasons why clients prefer us. As a boutique financial services firm, we are lean but big on ambition. We are able to remain lean, but strong through the financing of Manulife, a Global 500 Company.

In other words, we are the key to your success, the key that unlocks a financial solution that is accessible and reliable.

We aim to be the new standard in financial advisory. Challenge the status quo with us.

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Meet the Team
Initium Genesis is a diverse group of professionals with years of experience and expertise in the financial services industry.



The Scope

The scope of financial advising is wide, and your tasks may vary from day to day. Our advisers are encouraged to take initiative in executing their duties, which include:

-        Periodic reviews of your clients’ financial circumstances

-        Creating financial strategies that meet their needs

-        Performing risk analyses for their portfolios

-        Keeping current on key trends in the market

The comprehensive range of products we work with will address your clients' needs for income protection, savings and investments, healthcare, retirement, business continuity and estate distribution. We are able to select from a wide array of regulated financial products and services in the market working with fund houses, banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions to help fulfil your clients' needs.

 Mutual trust and benefit

Wealth management can be complicated for most, requiring in-depth knowledge and an extensive amount of review. As a result, the role of a financial adviser is crucial, giving individuals and businesses the chance to improve their financial portfolio and capitalise on their strengths. This necessary relationship is one of synergy and benefit for all.


Career perks and benefits to expect
We believe that a career should be financially rewarding but also add to your life in other areas, and we believe that you can find such a career here. The perks of working as a financial adviser include a high earning potential, attractive opportunities for career advancement, flexible hours and other unique bonuses.

Earning potential
As a financial adviser, you can see rapid increments to your income, as your earnings are directly influenced by the time and effort put into your work.

Career progression
Growth is a priority for us at White Ocean. Training and development programs are available to  all of our financial advisers, regardless of your level of experience, and we heavily encourage members of our team to pursue advancement.

Work-life balance
Financial advising is a job that comes with flexible hours and the ability to manage your own work tasks. You will have more time for recreation and hobbies, as well as to spend with your loved ones.

Personal benefits
Other benefits of this career include attractive perks such as target bonuses and overseas trips with airfare and accommodation provided.