Employer Quick Look
Imperial Ink
5001 and above employees |
Imperial Ink takes pride in being an organization that is committed to offering a comprehensive range ofhigh quality inks, innovative solutions and other related products.
We consistently delivers high standards of service to the global market.
Since our incorporation in 1988, Imperial Ink has become an internationally recognized brand, transforming itself from its humble beginnings into a world class company.
We strive to pursue research and development in technological advancement to cope with the rapidly changing demands of the printing industry.
With the growing emphasis on the environment, we estimate that 30% of conventional offset ink will be replaced by "GREEN" ink within the next 3 years. As such, our next focus is to develop eco-friendly products.
As our distribution networks continue to expand internationally, we are able to share our knowledge and expertise across borders, offering the best products, services and solutions tailored the needs of the print media industry.