Employer Quick Look
Food Industry Asia
About FIA

Food Industry Asia (FIA) is a non-profit industry organisation
that was formed in 2010 to enable major food manufacturers to speak with
one voice on complex issues such as food security, food safety and the
harmonisation of standards. The organisation covers the whole of Asia,
acting as a policy hub for national industry associations and affiliated
groups to engage with public bodies and other stakeholders at a
regional level.

At the heart of FIA’s philosophy lies a belief
that the private sector can play a more positive role in civil society
if it has a seat at the table. To this end, FIA uses science-based
advocacy and industry best practice to help shape public policy in Asia.
Our members are multi-national food companies who share common values
on food safety, international competitiveness and the delivery of public
health outcomes that are relevant to their products. Through FIA, they
are committed to building relationships with governments and policy
makers, either directly or through the existing network of local
industry groups.