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EduEdge Learning Hub Pte Ltd
EduEdge Learning Hub Pte Ltd
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EduEdge is one of the fastest-growing education companies in Singapore, establishing ourselves as a multi-million premier centre in the private tuition industry in just 3 short years. And we have even BIGGER plans - both locally and overseas.


We are the Language Specialists who re-define the way English is taught and learnt. Our mission is to help students discover an easier way to mastering English so that they can realise their true potential in the subject, and therefore move forward in life to achieve their dreams and aspirations.


What is most intriguing is that we have created a revolutionary “Formula-Style” teaching method of helping students learn English much faster and more effective than the old, conventional ways. And we’re Singapore’s FIRST and ONLY education group to do that!


Since 2013, more than 1,200 students from over 82 different schools have benefitted from our unique method of learning English to improve by not just 2 to 3 but 4 or even 5 grades to achieve their coveted B3, A2 or A1. And we’ll just getting started!


There’s a long way to go to reach out to even more students who is in need of help. Hence, we need more driven and dedicated individuals to join us on this journey together so that we can continue to impact even more lives.


(You will learn more about our mind-blowing 2021 goal and how you can be part of our SUCCESS Story if you have been shortlisted by us for an interview.)


“Aspire To Master, Inspire To Venture”


At EduEdge, we believe in not just sharing our SUCCESS with our Team Members but building our Success upon their individual Success. As we grow, so do our Team Members.


In addition to the challenging, exciting and most importantly, fulfilling work, we offer an outstanding career progression pathway and encourage a healthy work-life balance.


Most importantly, we favour ability and attitude over experience and degrees.


So if you are…

  • tired of all the usual office politics
  • a go-getter who says “I’ll do it!”
  • in a habit of learning new things


Look no further. Be part of our family. Invest in your better future today!