Employer Quick Look
DIS Manpower Pte Ltd

DIS offers a comprehensive portfolio of offline and online human capital services.

We are an Asian-centric company based in Singapore - which is strategically located in the heart of ASEAN with a combined population size of more than half a billion people; but up to 4 billion or 60% of the world population if you think Asia alone.

Singapore, being a global gateway to Asia, means DIS, by virtue of its operating from Singapore, is well-positioned to become
one of the leading brand names in human capital management and recruitment specialist in Asia with strong regional footprints.

We view human capital supply and recruitment management as a delicate business where matching aspirations of workers with
employers’ expectations can be a very challenging task. And that is why you need a professional manpower specialist like us to
handle your needs. By working with our contact point in Singapore, you will have access to human capital across Asia.

Clearly, DIS is all you need!