Employer Quick Look
Dining Innovation Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd
51 - 100 employees | | Website

Dining Innovation Asia-Pacific was set up with the intention to introduce Japanese food culture to the people in Southeast Asia.

In recent years, Japanese food has spread vastly in areas around Asia-Pacific. Japanese food has also become a popular choice amongst health conscious people.

However Japanese Restaurants carry a strong impression that it’s costly, and there are not a lot of restaurants that one can patronize casually. Moreover there aren’t a lot of restaurants that engage the five senses in experience whereby the cuisine, service and ambience hold one theme.

By specializing in one type of cuisine (yakitori, yakiniku, ramen, udon, soba, curry), we can efficiently operate and procure from a specific source (instead of going to a general source) which in turn will lower costs for our customers, making Japanese food easily attainable.

We strive to be an enterprise that will always stay motivated, and in turn provide innovation and competitive value to all.