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Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd
Delifrance Singapore Pte Ltd
Created by Grands Moulins de Paris (GMP) in 1919, Délifrance is now part of the NutriXo Group, one of Europe's leading millers and bakery manufacturers. NutriXo joined VIVESCIA Group (an agri-industrial group with two divisions: farming businesses and processing businesses) in 2012. The integration makes Délifrance one of the links in the Group’s food chain supply – from field to fork, from the wheat to the finished bread, viennoiserie or patisserie products.
Délifrance stepped out of Europe in 1983 as a wholesaler of authentic European breads and pastries in Singapore. Since the opening of our first outlet at Clifford Centre in 1985, Delifrance Singapore quickly made its mark here with its patisserie, leading to a quick expansion in both the number of Délifrance outlets here, as well as its menu. All the Délifrance outlets in Singapore retained the Parisian charm, as Délifrance Singapore worked closely with GMP to ensure the consistency of its products, through continuous upgrades in product technology and the quality of raw materials.
Delifrance Singapore has grown to become one of the largest food chains locally with 25 cafes and bake-offs. Our products can also be found at Exxon-Mobil / NTUC kiosks.
2013 marked a major turning point for the Délifrance retail franchise business as it became an independent business unit within the company. This means greater opportunities for creative marketing strategies and exciting new concepts that can help Délifrance cafes better cater to modern customers while still holding on to Délifrance’s grand old charm and tradition.
Some of the developments moving forward will include things such as different types of food service at different times of day to keep pace with new consumption habits, and a greater awareness of the finite nature of the planet's food resources.
Délifrance Singapore is under the Auric Pacific Group (www.auricgroup.com) and supports Délifrance International in its aim to model itself as a café full of life and vitality, fostering discovery and indulgence around taste experiences with unique French know-how and taste (Art de Vivre).