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De Kinder Pte Ltd
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De Kinder Club is a New York-based concept, premier early years enrichment space. It aims to revolutionize early childhood enrichment, and plant and nurture the seeds of curiosity and creativity, starting with giving children the opportunity to learn holistically (visual-spatial, linguistic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, logical-Mathematical, musical, bodily-kinesthetic) in a fun and interactive manner. In our enrichment space, the curricula of all classes have been designed in-house to incorporate a multi-disciplinary approach. Each class, though specific to a specialty, offers exposure of multiple disciplines, utilizing Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence as a useful guideline to recognize the different ways that children learn and the aptitudes they show. It is no doubt children learn in different ways, so the more we know our child and which form of intelligence they demonstrate, the easier it is to stimulate them with appropriate activities and teaching methods. We acknowledge that pre-schoolers, at this tender age of exploration of the world we live in, should be offered varied experiences to expand their abilities to think in different ways. We believe that through the age-appropriate, interactive classes, and the belief in the skills and abilities of children, they can achieve much more intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally.