Employer Quick Look
Dazzling Café


Dazzling Café was founded by Taiwan socialite, Ms. Janet Yang
along with her brother, Mr. Johnny Yang in 2010. Currently, Dazzling Group
operates 8 Dazzling Cafes all over Taiwan and furthermore expanded their
business overseas with 5 outlets in China and their most recent outlet in Hong

The main unique selling point of Dazzling Café comes from their
popular Honey Toast; by serving Traditional Honey Toast with a modern
twist.  The introduction of Dazzling Café into the Asian market has
brought the attention to many local and foreign crowds and has been named one
of the most famous cafes in Taiwan.

Marketing direction 

The strong brand reputation of Dazzling Café can be attributed to
their strong networking with social media influencers including famous local
and international celebrity i.e. Jaden Smith, Elva Hsiao, Aimee Sun, JJ Lin,
Vanness Wu, Cheryl Yang, Jimmy Lin, Dream Girls etc. It became a popular
hotspot for celebrity and socialites to hangout, which increases consumers’
desire to visit the café.

Asides their strong network with celebrities, Dazzling Café often
launch seasonal themed honey toasts in collaborations with different
international brands like Sanrio Japan, Care bear USA and even Mercedes Benz.

By introducing Dazzling Café into the Singapore market, the
management for Dazzling Café Singapore aims to adopt the same marketing
strategy through investing heavily in social media influencers and celebrities
as well as seasonal collaborations with local brands or launching limited
supply of themed honey toasts on various occasions.

Dazzling Café is
marketed out as a luxury café brand in Taiwan that attracts top-notch people in
the entertainment industry as well as influencers in the high society. However,
Dazzling Café priced their product offering at mid-range prices to ensure that
dining is made affordable to middle income earners as well as the general