Employer Quick Look
Cloud Care Pte Ltd
Computer Software

in 2015, Cloudcare is a healthcare company which aims to help private clinics
and medical doctors reshape their service offerings, and deliver enhanced
healthcare outcomes to their patients.

primary platforms include eCommerce store HealthTree, as well as natural
fertility centre Be Natural. HealthTree curates the best, all-natural
maternity, fertility, and lifestyle products which empower women and men to
live holistically; Be Natural addresses the shortcomings of current fertility
solutions, and creates a series of actionable steps which puts couples on the
path to natural conception.

core team consists of technology leaders, trained gynaecologists and notable
figures in the field of fertility. In providing end-to-end fertility solutions,
Cloudcare doesn’t simply assist with couples’ natural conception; it also
offers preconception care. Through its collaborations with clinics and other
healthcare providers, as well as the events that it organizes for members of
the public, Cloudcare champions and pushes forward the agenda for mindfulness
and holistic living.


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