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Certification International (Singapore) Pte Ltd

International Singapore was incorporated since 1995.

International is an independent third party certification body for the
assessment and certification of organizations to internationally recognized
management system standard such as ISO 9001; ISO 14001; OHSAS 18001; SS506 Part
1 & 3; ISO 27001; SS584; ISO 22301; SS564; ISO 50001; SS577; SS587; SS524;
HACCP; SS590; ISO 22000; GDPMDS; ISO 13485; ISO 29990; ISO 45001; ISO 37001,

Whilst the primary
function of Certification International Singapore is to support the needs of
organizations for independent certification services, we also represent an
independent centre of excellence in teaching. All of our trainers/ assessors
are well qualified and have extensive practical experience across a wide range
of industry sectors.

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