Employer Quick Look
Celecti Pte. Ltd.

Celecti is a forward thinking recruitment firm working across a
wide range of industries and sectors. In Celecti, we understand how to fill the
“talent” gap for you. To secure the “right” fit so that your organization
continues to grow and stay ahead of the competition.

seekers that wish to successfully nail down the right job have to do one thing:
be the right fit. Unless they are working closely with recruiting experts that
keep their finger on job market’s pulse, securing a job offer can take longer
than expected.

like our collaborative approach and transparent processes in helping them to
get the right fit. So talk to us or send in your resume.


Use this section to give Job Seekers an overview of the Benefits that your company provides. This is an important section because Job Seekers are able to filter Companies by benefits information during their search. Over 60% of surveyed Job Seekers believe this is the most important filter.