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Boncafe International Pte Ltd
Boncafe International Pte Ltd
5001 and above employees |

Anything and everything coffee – that’s our business.
If there’s one thing we can say about ourselves, it’s that we’ve had a lifelong love affair with coffee.
Since the beginning, our passion for bringing you the perfect brew has driven every aspect of our company. We’ve travelled the world to bring home only the best beans from top coffee-growing regions. We’re constantly testing, improving and refining their quality. And thanks to our extensive industry experience, we’re able to predict coffee-drinking trends and create products that have been hailed for their innovation. This obsession is also apparent in the way we maintain a close relationship with you. We’re always learning ways to make coffee even better so that it remains an essential part of your lifestyle.
All these combine to help us enjoy a strong reputation as a company that truly knows coffee and who delivers on our promise of brewing excellence.