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BoardRoom Limited, listed on the main board of the Singapore
Exchange. BoardRoom is leading regional business solutions, including corporate
and advisory services, in the Asia-Pacific region. Headquarter in Singapore,
and we have established strong presences and global connections that create an
indelible footprint in Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, and Australia.


With 50 years of experience and proven track record of
excellence to support over 7,000 companies in Asia-Pacific region. With over
800+ experience professionals available to expertly handle business solutions
in corporate secretarial, share registration, directors’ training, accounting,
payroll, and taxation.


Today, BoardRoom is the partner of choice for numerous
Fortune 500 multinationals, public listed firms, and privately-owned
enterprise. Our award-winning team has the skills, experience, and local
knowledge to navigate the complex operational and regulatory policies and
cultural sensibilities in the region.

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Corporate Secretarial Supervisor
Boardroom Limited Harbour Front
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Senior Corporate Secretarial
Boardroom Limited Harbour Front
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Corporate Secretarial Assistant
Boardroom Limited Harbour Front
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