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Blockchain SG Solutions Pte Ltd
Blockchain SG Solutions Pte Ltd
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BlockchainSG has developed a strategic alliance with Guardtime, a world class leader in blockchain technology, to provide KSI Blockchain to the APAC market.


KSI is a unique information assurance technology invented by Guardtime (www.guardtime.com) that allows any type of electronic activity to be signed and independently verified using only formal mathematical methods. KSI provides customers with a unique technology that:

  • scales to cloud-class applications (e.g. billions of transactions/second),
  • is quantum-immune, and
  • eliminates the vulnerabilities associated with trusted administrators and private keys.

KSI provides an independent audit trail for everything that occurs in digital society, providing transparency for both data owners and service providers, and making it impossible for insiders or cyber attackers to cover their tracks.

Our team is providing Guardtime KSI training and certification to the APAC market, as well as providing engineering and systems integration for KSI. Our mission is protecting all systems and data in achieving Total INTEGRITY.

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