Employer Quick Look
Augment Group

Augment Group is
collectively representatives the Top Life Insurer of Singapore

Being in the top 10% of the industry, we believe that everyone has
the innate hunger for success in their career. In the strive for success, three
most important attributes are INTEGRITY,
. With these guiding principles, We have
weathered economic booms and bust for more than 30 years to where we are today.
We believe that the journey is a shared one. The basis shall be that of a
partnership between you and us, measured only by the yardstick of your

Together, we are diverse in culture yet bonded by common drive to
success. We crave challenges and work fervently to overcome difficulties. Never
a dull moment, the line between work and play are frequently crossed.
Nevertheless, because we embrace individuality, we respect each other as
uniquely different. Therefore, a holistic approach towards Work-Life balance is