Employer Quick Look
Affymetrix Pte Ltd

Affymetrix is now part of Thermo
Fisher Scientific. As the world leader in serving science, we empower our
people to advance innovative technologies, develop meaningful solutions, and
build rewarding careers.

Affymetrix develops and provides
products and services to scientists who are studying biology at the cell,
protein, and gene level. Scientists are working toward a better understanding
of our well-being and how diseases develop and are diagnosed and treated at the
individual level

(personalized medicine). In animals
and plants, understanding how a desired physical trait can be associated with
certain genetic markers can lead to better breeding outcomes, e.g., drought-tolerant
crops, desirable traits in farm animals.

At the core of our GeneChip
portfolio is microarray technology where the entire genome of an organism can
be placed onto a small piece of material the size of a thumb nail or smaller.
Scientists use microarrays to study and understand the genetic make-up of an
organism, such as

human, wheat, or salmon. One of our
microarrays, CytoScan Dx Assay, is the first and only FDA-cleared whole genome
blood test to aid physicians in the diagnosis of postnatal developmental delay
in children. This type of test has already helped many parents learn about
genetic disorders that lead to developmental delay and provides them with
knowledge to better manage their child’s healthcare.