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At ABC Cooking Studio, we strive to
see life more interesting and joyful.

Our mission is “Bring Smiles to
Dining Table All Around the World". We would like to invite the world to
join us on our journey as we continuously develop innovations focused on
healthy lifestyle, improving quality of life and efficiency around the world.

We believe in our strategy and we
would like you to be part of it. As a global leader, ABC Cooking Studio can
bring together the best in PEOPLE to help solve one of the world’s toughest
challenges and shape a new age of Food and Life.

Something extraordinary happens when
we bring together PEOPLE who are committed to making a difference- We do!

About ABC Cooking Studio

ABC Cooking Studio was established in
1985 in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. With over 150 studios across Japan, China,
Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, New York and Jakarta, we are
one of the global leader for casual cooking school which focuses on delivering
the joys of handmade food.

We help more and more people eat
healthy, cook better, share happy moments with loved one, meet new friends,
find new hobbies and discover a new self. In the ever-changing world, we help
enrich the lives of people through food and cooking.

How Do We Do It

Our company boasts PEOPLE from many
backgrounds – from design, fashion, architecture, engineer and even finance
with bilingual and trilingual staff and members at the international stage. Our
different backgrounds make us unique and strong – we are empowered by this
diversity as it gives depth and new perspectives that generate innovative ideas
to grow PEOPLE.

Why Choose Us

We help PEOPLE improve Skills and
Knowledge. Instead of hunkering down in your current state, we have Training
Program and Career Path to support your growth within the company. We develop
trust in PEOPLE to form a strong team. In a dynamic business environment, we
connect our PEOPLE with worldwide studios and cultivate talented leader through
overseas training and experiences.

The Future of ABC Cooking Studio

Instructors get to improve their
skills, experiences and knowledge regularly. Our Local & Overseas Training
Program and Career Path support our instructors and turn them into a World-Wide
Leader whom would excel in management and customer services area. In addition,
Instructors would be cultivated with entrepreneurship skills that consist of 5
elements namely Growth Potential, Ambition, Compatibility, Foresee-Ability and

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