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The JobsCentral Career & Education Fair is an excellent platform for employers to meet, brand and recruit from Singaporeans who hold a minimum qualification of a degree or diploma. Our aggressive and multi-platform marketing approach ensures that we bring in the right crowd so that exhibitors will be able to achieve their job or student recruitment objectives.

These include:
  • More than $0.5M worth of advertisements and promotions to reach the right participants
  • Extensive marketing through the alumni and career offices of our tertiary institute partners
  • Print publicity in the complimentary Event Supplement distributed at the event

Event Publicity

The event will be publicised via the following channels:

General Public

  • Radio advertisements
  • Event Supplement
  • Newspaper advertisements
  • Publicity within mass publications
  • Emailer campaigns via the 800,000+ strong JobsCentral database and other partner databases
  • Online publicity campaigns (ebanners, flash, event listing)
  • Search engine marketing
  • Facebook, Twitter and other social and community media
  • Mobile advertisements
  • Publicity within Suntec Exhibition Centre
  • Targeted SMS campaigns
  • Flyer distributions

On-campus campaign

  • Print publicity through campus publications, banners and posters
  • Flyer dissemination within campus
  • Web
Emailer campaigns
  • Online publicity campaigns (ebanners, flash, event listing)
  • Others
Event roadshows
  • Event-related flash (broadcast within campus)
  • SMS campaigns via school network
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Jobscentral Career and Education Fair
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Jobscentral Career and Education Fair

The publicity schedule is subject to change at the sole and absolute discretion of JobsCentral.

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