Introducing CSIT

The Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies (CSIT) is an agency in the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) that focuses on R&D and solutions development in information and communications technologies to fulfil the strategic needs of Singapore.

Formed on 1 Feb 2003, CSIT has deep in-house technological expertise spanning a good spectrum of disciplines within the infocomm field to address a wide range of technological problems.

In its efforts to develop robust solutions for the country’s strategic needs, CSIT leverages on commercial expertise and works closely with local research institutions, defence R&D and support organisations.


We exploit infocomm technologies to advance national security.

CSIT extends MINDEF’s aim in safeguarding and enhancing national security by:
- Conducting R&D in telecommunications and information technologies
- Delivering robust technical solutions

Philosophy & Core Values

We strive to exceed our customers' expectations.
We want them to succeed.

Our people are our strength.
The fusion of the diverse talents and the ideas of our people drives our teams.

We collaborate with business partners to explore cutting-edge technologies.

We nurture an intellectually vibrant community, where everyone can
develop and make a difference. The only real failure is the refusal to try.

We foster the spirit of excitement for our business.
The work is serious; our passion makes it fun.

Core Values

Innovation is the key to our success.
We pursue opportunities to deliver creative solutions.
We welcome change. We are confident of our ability to shape the future.

We are committed to performing at the highest level of competencies and skills.
Special training and advanced education empower us in our roles.

Entrusted with advancing national security, we act with honour without fear or favour.

We serve to the highest standards. Our products and services anticipate the
changing needs of customers.

We value the synergy of individuals working together effectively towards a shared purpose.