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Simple Stocks Trading - Easy Methods, Real Profits

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Date: 01 Nov 2014
Time: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Venue: Mountbatten Square #03-33 , 229 Mountbatten Road
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Programme Synopsis
Why build wealth for your boss only (for a small fee compared to what you have contributed)?

What about for yourself?

“I was once like you, struggled in the corporate world, and pretended to be happy with the ‘career’ ”.
“I am glad I made this choice years back, otherwise I would be working so hard and left with no time and no money to enjoy life with my love ones.”

Former cleaner turned Wall Street trader Coach, Marcus Lau is going to reveal his secrets of easily generating decent extra income from trading the stock market.

Listen carefully and read on; the big boys are desperately hoping that not too many people know about this.

But first, let me ask you this:

Let’s say you work so hard for others and able to save S$ 2,000 every month without fail (and by the way, are you doing it now?). 

Have you ever counted how long it takes for you to save your first one million dollars?

The answer will shock you, it is almost 42 year.

You may ask, ‘Why should I want or need to be a millionaire? As long as I am happy and healthy, I do not need to be a millionaire.’

Yes, right. We are all brought up in a humble society and having financial richness is not to only thing we should go after.

But, let me ask you the following question, before you decided to remain humble for rest of years.

We all wish to retire by the age of 60 and start to wind down slowly, relax and enjoy the rest of our at least 20 years.

A recent research by international financial institution shows and average of S$ 3,000 per month is required in order to live comfortably without downgrading too much of your life style.

That’s S$ 36,000 a year, S$ 360,000 for the first 10 years, or S$ 720,000 for 20 years.

If you are not well prepared, be warned that you are not going to enjoy your retirement.

Is saving up the only solution? No way!

The cruel truth remains:

“The middle classes focus on Saving
The Riches focus on Earning”

While there could be other attractive ways to accumulate wealth, for example property market. However, there are mega cycles to time your investment carefully (just look at how it is now). In another words, there will be perhaps only ‘one-shot’ chance that you are going to have in your life time.

And when the chance comes, do you have enough money to go after it?

That is why I focus on something that will give me many opportunities to enter and exit, with well-timed signals and well calculated pricings.  

There are many other things you can consider investing, but these are 7 reasons you should trade stocks:

1. It’s the fastest way to creating wealth- you can double your money very quickly
2. Success is highly repeatable once you understand the formula
3. 97% of millionaires hold stock.
4. Anyone can start trading stocks immediately, even if you are a student
5. Returns from stocks beat returns from any other form of investing (such as property and bonds)
6. Trading stocks is like running a business. Except that you have lower risks and lower overheads.
7. It allows you to break free of the “nine-to-five, until 65’ work grind, deliver and create MASSIVE wealth… with just a laptop and Internet connection.

In my FREE seminar, you will discover a trading system that can help you get time and money freedom to do more of what you want… be it travelling or spending time with your family… 

But don’t take my word for it… let’s hear what my students have to say about my trading method…





Who Should Attend This FREE Stocks Trading Seminar:
This is for you if:
·          You’ve never bought a stock before in your life- no prior experience needed.

·          You are currently investing or trading stocks- my method will help you quickly take it to the next level.

·          You are an experienced stock trader- you’ll discover how to quickly double, or triple, your normal returns from the stock market.

This Is Just a Fraction of What You’ll
Discover In This FREE Stocks Trading Seminar

In This 100% FREE 2-Hour, ‘closed door’ seminar you will discover:
3 simple ‘entry and exit’ indicators that top traders use when buying and selling stocks… so you can make more money, now!
Unveiling a secret tool that Wall Street uses that will allow you to easily pick ‘red hot’ stocks at the push of a button … even if you are a complete beginner!
The 7 deadly sins of trading- and what you must never, ever, do in the stock market.
A simple, 4-step, trading method that will put more money in your pocket in the next 4 months… than in the last 4 years, guaranteed!
And much, much more insider stocks trading secrets that you can see results in your bank account within 3 weeks … without staring for hours at computer screens

So hurry up and… register for this 100% FREE closed door Stocks Trading Seminar, before you continue to miss out more and more profit making opportunities.

About the Programme Provider
“ How a Cleaner Turned $3,092
Into $125,085 Within 3 Years…
In His Spare Time! ”

I started trading stocks about 11 years ago, after a failed attempt at owning a restaurant…

It was during my darkest hour that I was introduced to my mentor –a very experienced fund manager of 28 years of experience – who shared with me ‘insider secrets’ of the top traders.

While it was fun in the beginning, I was glued to my monitor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! That was when I knew things had to change…

I was soon introduced to my partner Jerome and we created a system that can make trades which used to take 5-hours… in 5 minutes! It’s like having your very own professional trader trading for you full time!
That has given me the freedom and luxury to enjoy the things that I truly desire

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