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Redemption Period: 09 May 2015
Venue: Standard Chartered Building, 6 Battery Road #20-01 Singapore 049909
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Date: 9 May 2015 (Sat)

Timing: 2pm to 5pm 

Venue: Standard Chartered Building, 6 Battery Road #20-01 Singapore 049909

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Programme Synopsis


(FREE SEMINAR OUTREACH) LEARN HOW to MAKE your MILLION$ from Genuine Stock and Property Investment ! 

Featured in The Sunday Times’ Me and My Money Series (13th Oct 2013) - ‘He’s 34 and ‘semi-retired’ 

No matter how young or old you are, it’s never too late to take action to commit to your own financial well-being. For students and ladies who are clueless about financial investment, it is crucial you are equipped in this area of knowledge. Avoid being swindled by scams out there and waste your precious hours in feel-good get rich “greedy” seminars that are more hot air than real substance.

If you have been to “wealth” courses and returned home, feeling disappointed that you have not learnt much and that it’s all about the speaker boasting how rich or successful he or she is, you feel exactly like I once did.  Truly successful folks do not show off and try to impress with audacious claims. They are down to earth and most important, sincere and genuine.

Don’t be a prey to scams and dodgy investments that are well promoted in manipulative and slick packages. 

Take Action Now to learn how to invest in property and stocks effectively the RIGHT way. Do yourself a favour by showing up as registered. You are ultimately responsible for your own financial well being.

You will learn…


·         Insights into the Singapore property market
·         Property investment overseas (local and overseas)
·         How to make good investment decisions in property


·         What is a good approach?
·         What kind of stocks to buy, what kind of stocks to avoid?
·         What technical charting indicators to use?
·         What fundamental indicators to use?
·         Making use of free available information
·         The psychology of consistent success in stock investment
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Empower Advisory (Property, Stocks, Business)

Empower Coaching

About the Programme Provider
About Douglas Chow

Long disturbed by scams and greed seminars that are more gimmicky than substance, Douglas and his partners decided to step up to make a difference. The key mission of Empower Advisory is to empower the public with real knowledge they can apply to gain financial wisdom and security.

Douglas graduated from the School of Real Estate, National University of Singapore with Honours and was previously placed on the Dean’s List. He also has a Masters in Applied Finance from the University of Adelaide.

He started work in the Finance Industry, where he worked in various financial disciplines including SME banking, IPO, mergers and acquisition, valuation and financial modeling. The companies he worked for were IFS Capital Limited, OCBC, Grant Thornton, and PWC.

After a fulfilling stint in the finance industry where he achieved his financial goals, he decided to help local businesses in a more impactful way by leading a team of dedicated public officers in the Ministry of Trade and Industry to champion better business rules and regulations in Singapore through the Pro-Enterprise Panel platform.

Douglas also helped to establish cordial working relationships with foreign investors even though it was not in the scope of his work. 

In 2010, he represented the Ministry of Trade and Industry in a Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management (CAPAM) competition and won for Singapore an Award for Innovation in Public Management and Accountability. This was despite other countries sending bigger teams while Douglas went alone with a suitcase and a backpack. He credits the Ministry of Trade and Industry for having confidence in him to deliver results for Singapore, even with limited resources.

After 3 years as a public officer, angered by investment scams that hurt his friends and fellow Singaporeans, he decided to empower the public with real investment knowledge they can apply with confidence. To continue his passion for cutting bureaucratic red tapes, he trains public officers as an associate trainer with the Civil Service College.

A candid profile on Douglas can be read here.

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