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Jobs In Transportation:
Here is why you should work in the Transportation Sector

Playing the pivotal role in supporting Singapore’s connectivity to key external and internal markets, a career with the transportation and storage sector entails a fast-paced and rewarding career. In order to drive the growth of this sector, multiple government agencies have continually expanded Singapore’s connectivity to key markets via different transportation routes. This has paved the way for transportation and storage businesses, both local and overseas to increase efficiency and productivity.

Looking into the future, there are plenty of growth opportunities for the transportation and storage sector. With consumers shopping habits changing as a result of technological advancement, the e-commerce market is posited to explode in growth over the next few years. This represents an enormous market for transportation and storage businesses to adapt and cater towards. In addition, there has also been an increase in the government’s efforts to spur the growth of the sector. They have invested heavily to provide new and efficient facilities such as the Tuas Terminal - largest container terminal in the world which is able to handle large cargo volumes.

All of this represents exciting times ahead for the transportation and storage sector. However, despite the plethora of jobs available, there is a labour crunch involving a lack of interest from skilled talents within the field of logistics and supply chain management. This equates to numerous permanent positions up for grabs. With plenty of growth opportunities ahead, there is no better time to be job hunting for a career within the transportation and storage sector.

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Managerial Salary
$5,580 - $11,090
Non-Managerial Salary
$2,519 - $3,864