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Jobs In Retail:
Here is why you should work in the Retail Sector

A job in the wholesale and retail trade sector offers the opportunity to enter an exciting and diverse career where you can directly influence our country’s economic well-being! The sector has long been a key driver of the country’s economy and is predicted to remain so.

Singapore’s strategic location offers businesses ease of importing and exporting goods to many growing Asian economies such as China, India and Malaysia. Additionally, with the phenomenal growth of informative technology that have driven purchases of goods to historical highs, this sector is expected to boom - generating a plethora of jobs with it.

As a consumer of goods ourselves, a career within the wholesale and retail trade sector offers us an interesting glimpse into the complex back of the house operations. If you are an individual which possesses traits like creativity, commercial awareness and a good sense of passion towards the retail sector, you will discover many roles that suit your interests.

Common misconceptions of a career in the retail trade sector include that it is a job which typically confines you to a warehouse or as a cashier. However, there is a staggering amount of career opportunities within the wholesale and retail trade awaiting for you to discover. These range from buying and merchandising to designing, store operations, and traditional roles like human resources, finance, marketing and information technology related roles. With the expected growth of the sector, skilled and passionate people in retail trade such as yourself are in demand. There is no better time to capitalise on this great opportunity and open your doors to an exciting world of wholesale and retail trade.

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Managerial Salary
$5,270 - $10,024
Non-Managerial Salary
$2,518 - $3,877