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Jobs In Logistics:
Here is why you should work in the Logistics Sector

Riding the digitisation wave, the logistics sector has risen from the doldrums to a booming sector that is posited to pave the way for Singapore’s future economy. The driving force behind the rise of the logistics sector is the increase in technology-centric goods and services globally. Particularly, with businesses digitising their operations as well as a booming demand for digital consumer goods by a technology savvy generation. The demand for electronic parts have spiked multiple folds over past couple of years, and is predicted to continue growing steadily.

Highly-skilled logistics professionals are expected to be in high demand in electronics and biomedical manufacturing cluster. This is especially so for those who possess a background in engineering and procurement. Therefore, if you are an individual that possesses the relevant engineering skills and logistical knowledge, there is a wide range of rewarding roles opened for you within the manufacturing sector. These range from mechanical and electronics engineers to procurement management, to supply and distribution roles.

Many have the common misconception that the logistics sector only offers labour-intensive work, which does not pay well. However, this is about to make a huge change thanks to digitalisation. With businesses operations becoming increasingly technologized, past labour-intensive operations are becoming more labour efficient - requiring significantly less manual labour.

If you are interested to play a key role in driving Singapore’s economy and develop professionally in a sector with great career prospects, a career path in the engineering sector might just be for you.

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Managerial Salary
$5,580 - $11,090
Non-Managerial Salary
$2,519 - $3,864