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Jobs In IT:
Here is why you should work in the Information Technology Sector

Riding the wave of rapid technological advancement, the Information Technology(InfoTech) sector is widely seen as the next sector which will power future industries and foster global economic growth. This rapid advancement of technology has seen it become one of the fastest growing and disruptive business sectors that enable more efficient InfoTech solutions. Therefore, careers in the InfoTech field are in high demand with tremendous growth expected from it. If you are well-versed in informative technology skills, there have never been a better time to be job hunting for a career within this booming sector.

To pursue a career in the InfoTech sector, you will need to have an information technology related certification as technical skills are required. As businesses operations become digitised, possessing technical skills such as software programming, coding and data analytics will provide you with limitless career opportunities which transcend across industries.

With an increasingly tech savvy generation, the increased usage of technology has seen it shaped consumption and living habits. This means the need for businesses to incorporate and innovate their operations with Information Technology in an adaptation towards the technological trend. As such, this ensures a continual growing supply of information and communications-related jobs in every market with employers hankering for IT skilled talents to operate the various technologies. Therefore, a career in the Infocomm sector establishes its professionals as a sought-after bunch, making it the optimal career path for the next generation.

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Managerial Salary
$6,410 - $12,557
Non-Managerial Salary
$3,499 - $5,618