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Jobs In Food Service:
Here is why you should work in the Food and Beverages Sector

Singapore prides itself as a renowned food hub in Asia, satisfying consumers with food and beverage (FnB) choices from a plethora of national cuisines available. Central to consumer satisfaction is service experience that is shaped collectively by the various personnel within FnB teams working in synchrony. This exemplifies the importance of teamwork in the FnB sector where everyone plays a part in defining a service experience. If you are a team player who aspires for meaningful work, then a career within this sector will definitely satisfy your palette!

With many service areas from reservations to the eventual serving of dishes contribute towards creating the best consumer experience plausible, there is a diverse range of opportunities within each service area. With the sector facing a labour crunch, possession of a FnB related qualification / certification makes a skilled talent like you, heavily in demand whilst opening your door to a limitless range of exciting roles to build up a wildly successful career within the sector.

Contrary to the common conception of a career in the FnB sector is one that is purely labour-intensive and low-paying. Instead, a career in the sector offers you a priceless opportunity to derive immense satisfaction from knowing that you have made a difference to the happiness and wellbeing of your customers. Therefore, if you are a passionate team player which derive a sense of achievement in witnessing a customer’s joy, then a role in the FnB definitely presents itself as the perfect career for you.

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Managerial Salary
$3,516 - $7,385
Non-Managerial Salary
$1,500 - $2,262